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Get a free tyre safety check at Beaulieu or Bicester

Vintage Tyres are now offering free tyre safety checks at our Beaulieu and Bicester branches. We’ll look at tyre depth, condition and age and email you a full report. If you buy a set of tyres as a result you’ll get a discount and half-price fitting. To book call: Beaulieu: 01590 612261 or Bicester: 01869 […]

YouTube car restorer Matt Green dropped in for some Dunlop Aquajets…
Classic Dunlop tyre care film featuring talking tyres!

Two cars, two very different owners and tyre-care tips that hold true today. A very high classic vehicle count throughout. How many can you name?

At last, the right tyre for the Renault 5 GT Turbo

  Vintage Tyres now has stocks of the first high-quality, high-performance tyre for the Renault 5 GT Turbo to be available in years. The brand new 195/55VR13 Avon CR27 is an original-equipment size tyre for the GT Turbo. It has been designed and manufactured in England and is available exclusively from Vintage Tyres. Using the […]

Dunlop SP Aquajet — original-equipment on E-type and XJ6. The proof’s in the sales brochures…

You’ll read a lot about what tyres you should and shouldn’t fit to an E-type or XJ6. And if you believe all you read there are apparently a number of contenders for the original-equipment crown. These extracts from the equipment section of the sales brochures for both cars prove that if you want to stay O/E the Dunlop Aquajet is […]

Firestone Deluxe Champion tyres in stock now.

Custom bike builders love the Firestone Deluxe Champion. The mixture of zig-zag tread and statement-making chunkiness means it’s on brats, bobbers, cafes and many bikes creating their own categories the world over. We only sell the genuine Firestone, anything else isn’t worth putting on your project. In stock now in these sizes: 500-16, 350,18, 400-18, […]

Classic Cars’ Malcolm McKay fits Dunlop Sport Classic on his E-type.

It was great to catch up with Ben and the team at Vintage Tyres again today – I’ve been coming to Beaulieu for tyres for at least 25 years but hadn’t been down for far too long. This was an extra special visit, because it marked the fulfilment of a dream… For too many years […]

Taming a supercharged Midget with the right tyres.

I’ve spent years trying to hone my MG Midget into a fast-road, occasional hill-climb car. It’s been a bit of a journey. I’ve been through three engine specs, including the once-popular Rover K-series, but I’ve now settled with a 1293cc A-series engine and an Eaton M-45 supercharger. Like many people taking the engine-uprating route, I […]

Tyre-fitting mistakes

We remove and fit a lot of tyres here at Beaulieu. With these volumes we inevitably spot a few common, and some quite uncommon, mistakes made by other fitters. Let’s start with stickers inside tyres. Not a problem if you’re running tubeless, but even the smallest of stickers will chafe against an inner tube, wearing it away until […]