VAT changes for sales to the EU

Buying from outside the UK? New VAT rules now in place mean that we have had to bring in a minimum £130 (€150) minimum basket value (before shipping) for all export sales.

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Classic & Sports Car’s Martin Port fits Avon Traction Mileage.

I have always defined the love for a particular classic by whether or not it has the ‘glance-back’ feature. Those in the know will now be nodding in agreement with a wry smile on their faces, but if you don’t, then let me explain. I’ve been very fortunate to own a reasonable number of classic […]

Classic Cars’ Malcolm McKay fits Dunlop Sport Classic on his E-type.

It was great to catch up with Ben and the team at Vintage Tyres again today – I’ve been coming to Beaulieu for tyres for at least 25 years but hadn’t been down for far too long. This was an extra special visit, because it marked the fulfilment of a dream… For too many years […]

Taming a supercharged Midget with the right tyres.

I’ve spent years trying to hone my MG Midget into a fast-road, occasional hill-climb car. It’s been a bit of a journey. I’ve been through three engine specs, including the once-popular Rover K-series, but I’ve now settled with a 1293cc A-series engine and an Eaton M-45 supercharger. Like many people taking the engine-uprating route, I […]

Tyre-fitting mistakes

We remove and fit a lot of tyres here at Beaulieu. With these volumes we inevitably spot a few common, and some quite uncommon, mistakes made by other fitters. Let’s start with stickers inside tyres. Not a problem if you’re running tubeless, but even the smallest of stickers will chafe against an inner tube, wearing it away until […]

Rallycross masterclass with John Taylor in an Escort MkI.

One from the archives. A very frantic blast in an Escort MkI with John Taylor at the wheel. Splendidly frantic commentary from the man himself and a drift to end all drifts at 0:58. Enjoy on maximum volume!

Our new fitting station at Bicester Heritage opens on November 13

We are opening an additional tyre-fitting station at Bicester Heritage. We’ll be there Tuesdays and Wednesdays from November 13 onwards. Give us a call on 01869 243528 or email [email protected] for a chat or to book a fitting slot.

Vintage Tyres is opening an additional branch at Bicester Heritage

We’re delighted to announce that we are opening a tyre-fitting branch at Bicester Heritage, the UK’s hub of historic motoring excellence. Vintage Tyres has just started to move in to Building 94. We will be there with piles of our tyres for the last Sunday Scramble event of the season on October 7. In the […]

Traction Mileage v Festival of Speed hillclimb

Classic and Sports Car’s Martin Port burns rubber… well, at least considers it.   I’ve been running Avon Traction Mileage 600-16 tyres on my 1959 Series II for well over a year and a half now and over the course of carrying out its duties – commutes to London, school runs, tip runs, light greenlaning […]

All-electric Enfield update

With the planned Land’s End to John o’Groat’s run fast approaching, we called in to see Fred at Spaven Engineering to see how he’s getting along with his all-electric Enfield, the Charging Bullet. Since our visit last month, the bike has been stripped right back for painting and powder-coating ahead of the final assembly. The […]

All-electric Enfield — the first ride!

Engineer, Fred Spaven is building an all-electric Enfield Bullet to take on the classic Land’s End to John o’ Groats challenge. A lot has happened at Spaven Engineering in the last few months. The Charging Bullet has progressed from a collection of parts to something vaguely resembling a motorcycle. The plan to convert an old 350cc Enfield […]

All-electric Enfield Bullet now rides on Ensigns.

Fred Spaven’s all-electric Charging Bullet looks amazing fitted with a brand new pair of Ensign Universal tyres supplied courtesy of project sponsor Vintage Tyres of Beaulieu. The vintage tread pattern really suits the ’60’s vibe of the Bullet. Fred’s also fitted the centre stand, a very slightly modified standard Enfield part, meaning he can do away with the […]

Latest X lands from Michelin. The 155R15 X is in stock now at Vintage Tyres!

  The latest addition to the Michelin classic range, the 155 R15 X, has just arrived at Vintage Tyres. Great news for Beetle owners, but this iconic X-pattern tyre fits a wide range of classic cars from Alfa through to Wolseley. See the second page of the information sheet below for a full fitment list.