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Not sure how to find your tyre size ?
I need to replace a tyre on my car but I can’t find a local garage that can help, the tyres are 820×120 beaded edge.

We can understand tyre dealers and garages expressing concern as they are quite different from modern tyres. However, with a little advice and care it is possible to fit them yourself. Firstly with the tyre removed check the rim for condition if necessary we can provide a copy of the rim profile. Check for crushed clinches, sharp and corroded edges etc.

  • Slightly inflate the tube and with some French chalk fit the tube inside the tyre
  • Offer the tyre to the rim and put the valve in the valve hole
  • With a beaded edge tyre lever, lever on the inside bead first, taking care to avoid pinching the tube, beaded edge tyres are like giant elastic bands so expect some resistance
  • When you’re satisfied that the first side is on correctly, work around the rim with the lever, you will find it easier with two levers at this point, one to hold the beginning in place and one to work around
  • With the tyre fitted rotate the tyre while bouncing on the ground to ensure the heels fit into the clinches correctly, when you’re satisfied that the tyre is fitted correctly inflate the tyre to 5psi, stop and check correct heel fitment and inflate to correct pressure