Firestone Beaded Edge 30x3

Firestone Beaded Edge 30x3

Firestone is one of America’s oldest tyre manufacturers, producing tyres for the pioneers of US car design. From the earliest smooth pneumatic tyres, through the development of tread patterns and new construction methods, Firestone has grown into a company producing a huge variety of tyres. Its involvement in motorsport is legendary, with 60 wins of the Indianapolis 500 to its name. It also still produces many of its most iconic tyres from many eras of motoring.

Firestone’s beaded-edge car tyre is made in the original mould, and so is an exact replica of this tyre from the early days of motoring. Beaded edge tyres were popular from before the first World War, and continued into the 1930s, when they were replaced by more modern wired-on tyres. 

This 'beaded-edge' tyre requires a specific wheel design and high tyre pressures. Fitting these tyres is unlike modern types, so please contact us for advice if you are unfamiliar with this type of tyre.

This 30x3 Firestone Beaded Edge tyre is an ideal fit for: Ford Model T (1918-21) and various American cars of the inter-War period. Special order - please call 01590 612261.

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Technical Specs

SKU: FS3030
Tyre Diameter: Beaded-Edge Tyres
Tyre Size: 30x3
Brand: Firestone
Width: 3, 3.0, 3.00, 30
Tyre Diameter: 3, 30