VAT changes for sales to the EU

Buying from outside the UK? New VAT rules now in place mean that we have had to bring in a minimum £130 (€150) minimum basket value (before shipping) for all export sales.

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Michelin’s Agilis Camping range is purpose designed for modern motorhomes, with its CP marking and load ratings it’s an ideal fit for your vehicle.

All sizes of Michelin Agilis Camping have the standard CP marking.  Michelin Agilis Camping is also M+S(1) marked and carries the GREEN X logo.

The design and technology used in the new Michelin Agilis, such as the DCP (Durable Contact Patch), has been adapted to the Agilis Camping, leading to a long lasting tyre which can be used over several seasons.

A reinforced construction that uses two casing plies, enabling the use of higher inflation pressures. 8 Kerbing protectors are built into each sidewall to increase the resistance to sidewall scuffing. A tread pattern with 30% more sipes and 20% more grooves, combined with a compound which operates over a wider temperature range, allow sufficient grip for occasional driving in difficult conditions, (tracks, mud, snow etc.)

Vintage Tyres can supply individual tyres or sets of these tyres in all of the available sizes. Please enquire if you wish to confirm the correct sizes for your vehicle.

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