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968 & 968 CS 1992 to 1995

Porsche 968 & 968 CS 1992 to 1995

The final installment of the front-engined models, the 968 had updated looks to better fit in with Porsche design memes, and a revised engine. It was still a 944 at heart though, and the market knew it. It filled a gap until the Boxster arrived, but its dated concept disguised the fact it was a brilliant drivers car. The stripped out Club Sport became an iconic track-day car, and the UK market Sport was a great balance of road and race features. Treasured more now than then. Mad Turbo S model is very rare.

Standard staggered tyre fitment is a 225/45ZR17 front, and 255/40ZR17 rear. The Turbo S had 18-inch wheels, with 235/40ZR18 fronts and 285/30ZR18 rears.