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Seven 1923 to 1924

Austin Seven 1923 to 1924

The original small family car.

Fitted with a 26x3 beaded edge tyre.

The Austin Seven arrived in 1922 in ‘Chummy’ four-seater tourer guise; the first 100 cars had a 696cc engine, then a 747cc unit was fitted until the end of production. These first cars also had an upright rear edge to the doors and a sloping windscreen, but from 1924 there was an upright windscreen, a longer body and sloping rear edges for the doors.

Stronger brakes were fitted from 1926 then two years later a taller radiator grille was fitted along with coil ignition, a more spacious body and wider doors. By 1930 the bodyshell was even longer and wider, the engine got a stronger crankshaft and the footbrake now activated the brakes on both axles.

For 1931 there was revised bodywork with a new ‘ribbon-style’ radiator, then a four-speed gearbox was fitted from 1932. The more modern looking Austin Seven Ruby appeared in 1934, with a cowled radiator, then in 1937 the brakes were improved with cast-iron drums, while the engine got shell bearings in place of the previous white-metal items. After about 290,000 had been made, the final Austin Seven was built in 1939.

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