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924 Carrera GT 1980-1981

Porsche 924 Carrera GT 1980-1981

The CGT was built to homologate the 924 for sportscar and rally competition. The factory developed more and more extreme versions of the platform as customer cars, the GTS, GTR, following on from the GTP car they raced at Le Mans in 1980. It was based on the 924 Turbo, but had far more extreme performance modifications, and larger wings and spoiler (looking much like the later 944). Very much a collectors car now, and seen as one of the best driving Porsches of the period.

The CGT was fitted with the 16-inch Fuchs wheel (7J) popular on 911s, with 215/60VR16 tyres. It was also possible to option a wider rear wheel (8J), then fit a staggered set of tyres, with 205/55VR16 fronts, and 225/50VR16 rears.

Porsche has a history of working closely with tyre manufacturers to specify the best tyres for their cars, and these are commonly marked with a "N' number to indicate approved Porsche fitments (N0, N2, N3 etc).

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