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924 1976-1986

Porsche 924 1976-1986

Originally designed for VW, Porsche bought the design back in a clever move to expand their model range beyond 911 variants. Its sales success kept Porsche in business, and further development into the 944 and 968 mean the front-engined, water-cooled 4-cylinder range is a bigger part of the company's history than its branding would suggest. Simple, rugged and fun, there was a base model version sold in Europe, but the UK got the Lux model only.

The earliest versions of the 924 on the 5.5J ATS wheel were sold with a 165HR14 tyre, but from 1978 the standard tyre was a 185/70HR14 on the 6J 'Tarantula' wheel. There was the option of a 15 inch diameter wheel, with a 205/60HR15 tyre. Porsche has a history of working closely with tyre manufacturers to specify the best tyres for their cars, and these are commonly marked with a "N' number to indicate approved Porsche fitments (N0, N2, N3 etc).

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