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Silver Shadow 1

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow 1

The first modern, unitary-body Rolls. Built from 1965 to 1977.

Originally fitted with an obsolete 815-15 crossply tyre, with a 205HR15 radial option (standard fit from 1972). The standard tyre became a HR70HR15 in 1974, the modern equivalent being a 235/70HR15.

When they arrived in 1965, the Silver Shadow and T-series were the first cars from Rolls-Royce and Bentley respectively, to feature monocoque construction, marking a turning point for the Crewe-based companies. These first cars were fitted with a 6230cc V8 and came in four-door saloon form only.

By 1966 there was a Mulliner Park Ward two-door option, which was sold as the Corniche from 1971; a two-door convertible had been launched in 1967. In 1969 the Silver Shadow's interior was facelifted so that it could meet US crash regulations, then a year later Rolls-Royce's classic 6750cc V8 replaced the previous 6230cc unit and a long-wheelbase Silver Shadow joined the range.

The Silver Shadow got a wider track, a longer wheelbase and flared wheelarches from 1974, then in 1977 the Silver Shadow II arrived and the long-wheelbase saloon was marketed as the Silver Wraith II. By 1980 it was all over, with the Silver Spirit replacing the Silver Shadow, although the new car used the same platform and running gear.

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