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Triumph Herald 1200 Estate 1961 to 1967

Small family estate car. Built from 1961 to 1967.

Originally fitted with a 520-13 crossply tyre, replaced by a 560-13 in 1962. From 1965 there was the option of a 155SR13 radial, which can be used as a replacement for the earlier crossply. Additionally, from 1965 there were the options of wider wheels fitting 165/70R13 or even 175/70R13 radial tyres.

The Michelotti-designed Triumph Herald made its debut in 1959 in saloon and coupé forms, with a 34.5bhp 948cc four-cylinder engine. Within a year there was a convertible, then in 1961 the 948cc engine was superseded by an 1147cc unit in the Herald 1200 – although the entry-level 948cc Herald S did lived on initially.

The bigger engine brought with it an estate which by early 1962 had spawned a van called the Courier. In March 1963 the Herald 12/50 reached showrooms with a pepped-up 1200 engine now rated at 51bhp instead of the usual 39bhp. There was also a full-length sliding cloth sunroof but in 1967 came the most powerful Herald of all: the 13/60.

Available in saloon, convertible and estate forms (the coupé and Courier van had been killed off in 1964), the Herald 13/60 was fitted with a 61bhp 1296cc engine. The 1200 and 13/60 were sold alongside each other until the final Herald went out of production in 1971.

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