Price: £100.00 - £199.99, Brand: Michelin, Tyre Size: 195/55R15 | Alfa Romeo 75 1985 to 1992

All models came with a 195/60VR14 tyre as standard, with the option of a 15-inch wheel and 195/55VR15 tyre for the V6 models from 1989.

Alfa's 75th Anniversary car marked the last gasp for the company's RWD platform, and the end of its design independence. Future designs would be FWD and have a lot of input from Fiat. It was an interesting design, with a rear transaxle for good weight distribution, classic twincam or wonderful Busso V6 engines, and unique exterior and interior styling. A genuinely great car, but a bit Marmite in looks, it spawned turbo and 4WD versions, a great DTM car, and the SZ/RZ collector's car.

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