Zephyr & Zodiac MkIII 1962-1966

Ford Zephyr & Zodiac MkIII

Ford UK really hit their stride with the 3rd iteration of their large saloon, it improved on the mechanicals of MkI and MkII, whilst bringing the styling into the 1960s. The base model Consul was ditched, and the Zephyr now came with 4 and 6 cylinder engines (with styling changes to diferentiate them). The Zodiac had different panels and front end to mark it out as the range-topper, and 'Z-cars' on the TV made the whole range familiar to the nation.

All the saloon models came as standard with a 640-13 crossply tyre, with a 175SR13 radial option at the end of its life in 1965/66. That radial can be used to replace the crossply, and a narrow whitewall really suits the car's US style.

The estate model was originally fitted with a 670-13, which is no longer available, although a 185R13 radial tyre could be used as a replacement.

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