Brand: Vredestein | Ford Granada MkII 1977 to 1985

Standard tyre for the saloon models (1977-1980) was a 175SR14, with the option of 185SR14 or even 195/70HR14 on a wider wheel. From 1980 the 2.8 models had a 185SR14 or 185HR14 standard tyre, the smaller engined cars remained the same. The 2.8iS of 1978 was specified with a metric 190/65HR390 tyre. This tyre was also sometimes found on 2.8i Ghia models in later years. Estates came with a 185SR14, (2.8 models had a higher speed rating of 185HR14).
Like the MkIV Cortina, Ford moved away from the styling excesses of the early 70s with the MkII Granada, building a low, flat and angular big saloon. The mechanicals were largely an update of the MkI, but the V6 engines were now the German 'Cologne' rather than the British 'Essex' of the previous model. Highly successful for a top-of-the-range model, comfortable and brisk in V6 form.
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