Price: £100.00 - £199.99, Tyre Size: 185/80R15 (185R15) | Jaguar S-Type and 420 1963 to 1968

A sophisticated, fast and comfortable medium-sized saloon. Standard tyre fitment for the S-type was initially a 640-15 crossply, but the 185R15 Dunlop radial became the norm from 1965. The 420 kept this tyre, in 185HR15 form.
The S-type was something of a stop-gap model for Jaguar. The Mk2 was a bit long in the tooth, and the XJ wasn't ready to replace it yet, plus, the MkX was too large to be the only saloon in the range. So, Jaguar modified the Mk2 with the IRS from the MkX, then extended the body a little, and modernised the interior. What they created was a much better Mk2! The 420 was an updated version, with the 4.2 Litre engine and a front end facelift to resemble the 420G/XJ 4-headlamp look.
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