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Avon SM MkII 400-18

Avon’s Safety Mileage tyre (often referred to a ‘SM’) is the company’s classic crossply tyre. A popular choice for postwar riders in the UK, it has remained in production ever since, and is available in a range of sizes that make it ideal for many classic bikes. 

Traditionally fitted as a rear tyre, and perfectly complimented by Avon’s classic ribbed Speedmaster front tyre. 

It can also be used as a Universal motorcycle tyre, in other words it can be fitted to both front and rear wheels. Evel Knievel fitted Safety Mileage tyres to both the front and back of his Laverda American Eagle jump bike. Avon themselves were involved in the recent restoration of this bike, which you can read about here, and confirmed that  “Although Avon Safety Mileage tyres are generally paired up with our front Speedmaster tyre, the Avon Safety Mileage can also be used as a front fitment. This is due to its pattern and construction design.” This was true on other bikes in period, such as the Sunbeam S7, which had 500-16 tyres both front and rear.

Still constructed in three distinct patterns (‘Original,’ ‘MkII’ and ‘500-16 MkII’), depending on size, the Safety Mileage combines the authentic looks of a design available throughout the classic period of British bikes, with modern materials and construction. Generally intended for use as a rear tyre on bikes, the tyre can sometimes be used as a tyre for Morgan 3-wheelers, or light cars such as the Austin Seven.

This 400-18 size Avon Safety Mileage crossply rear motorcycle tyre is an ideal fit for: AJS G85, Model 33, Y4 and 410; Ariel Square 4; BMW R50, R60, R75 and R90 model variants; BSA B25 Victor and B50; Ducati 860, Honda CB750 and CB750F; Kawasaki H1, KH500A, H2, Z1, Z2, Z900 and Z1000; Norton Atlas; Suzuki TS250, TS400, T500, GT550, GT750 and RE5; Triumph Bonneville and Yamaha XS650.

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Tyre Size: 400-18 (M/C)