Vintage Tyres

Tyre Fitting

What we can do

Our tyre-fitting team is one of the most experienced you’ll find. We can fit the following tyres (where appropriate) to car, 4×4, light truck, motorcycle and split rims:

  • Beaded edge
  • Straight sided
  • Tube-type crossply
  • Tube-type radial
  • Tubeless tyres

We can also balance most car wheels and have great experience in balancing wire wheels.

What it costs

Service Cost
Loose wired-on bike tyres £15 each plus VAT
Beaded-edge bike tyres £22 each plus VAT
Tubeless car tyres £18 each plus VAT
Tube-type car tyres £22 each plus VAT
Beaded-edge car tyres £45 each plus VAT
Straight-sided tyres £45 each plus VAT
Fitting tyres to split rims £45 each plus VAT
Balancing only £12 each plus VAT
Test fitting (see note below) £50 plus VAT per hour

The fitting price includes:

  • Removal and refitting of car wheels
  • Removal of old tyre and fitting of new
  • Fitting of tube and rimband as required
  • New valve
  • Balancing
  • Balancing weights and tape
  • Disposal of old tyre

Test Fitting

We are happy to fit our tyres to wheels to help assess fit, clearance and aesthetic suitability for a vehicle. Specialist sports and kit-built vehicles will typically benefit from this service.

Vehicles in for test fitting can’t be driven on the road, but we find the static test fitting highlights all potential problems and allows tyres to be bought in confidence.

This work can only be done at our Beaulieu depot and is chargeable at £50 plus VAT an hour (including all fitting and balancing work).

Call Ben on 01590 612261 to make a test fitting appointment.

Tyre Fitting - Vintage Tyres

Want to make a booking?

Just call us on 01590 612261
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Tyre Fitting - Vintage Tyres

Where are we?

Vintage Tyres is based in Beaulieu,
Hampshire and Bicester Heritage,

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Our tyre fitting policy

Vintage Tyres’ fitting staff reserve the right to refuse to fit tyres to rims that they deem to be damaged or unfit for use.

Vintage Tyres’ fitting staff will fit tyre/s not supplied by Vintage Tyres*, however, the following criteria must be met: tyres must be no more than eight years old (by date code on the sidewall), must have a tread depth of 2mm or more and must show no signs of damage through previous fitting or road use.

Vintage Tyres’ fitting staff will replace inner tubes in customer-supplied tyre/s as long as the tyre/s meet the criteria above.

Vintage Tyres’ fitting staff will not fit an inner tube by way of repair to a tubeless tyre unless that tyre is being fitted to a rim that requires an inner tube (a ‘wire wheel’ for example).

Vintage Tyres’ fitting staff will balance customer-supplied rim and tyre combinations as long the rim/s are not damaged or unfit for use and the tyres meet the age, tread and damage criteria noted above.

Some wheel and tyre types can’t be balanced. The fitter will advise if this is the case.

*Vintage Tyres does not stock, supply or fit Blockley Tyres.