Price: £60.00 - £69.99, Profile: 70 | Camac Tyres

Camac is a Portuguese brand that has been in the tyre game since 1967. After first specialising in automobile tyres, the company branched out to produce commercial, industrial and agricultural tyres, solidifying its expertise and emphasis on product development.

In the following decades, Camac made a name for itself in the realm of rallies and all-terrain races. Nowadays, the Portugal-based brand produces a great range of classic tyre patterns, including cross ply and radials, to suit your vintage car.

Our selection of classic Camac tyres includes options that are ideal for saloons and sports cars from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. With distinctive tread patterns and sidewall profiles, these authentic tyres will look period-appropriate on a range of classic cars. We stock various sizes for a number of vintage models, ensuring you can find the perfect fitment for your classic vehicle.