Clean My Ride - Bike wash & degreaser - 1 Litre Trigger Spray

Clean My Ride 1-litre Trigger Spray

Developed for bikes - powered and pedalled - this stuff is also brilliant on cars.

Down in the New Forest our roads are typically caked in farming mud and free-roaming animal deposits. Clean vehicles don’t stay clean very long. We really aren’t fond of pressure washers, particularly on classics, and standard traffic film removers, while effective, are just too hard on paintwork.

That’s why we love Clean My Ride. The spray-on, wash-off nature of it makes it easy and quick to use. It is gentle on all surfaces. It is biodegradable. And the results, even on the hard-baked detritus that adorns our bikes, cars and vans are phenomenal.

Get your vehicle gleaming and streak-free in minutes – get some Clean My Ride.

Also available in 5-litre refill.

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