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Esprit Turbo (Giugiaro) 1980 to 1987

Lotus Esprit Turbo (Giugiaro) 1980 to 1987

Lotus turbocharged the Esprit very cleverly, it wasn't just a bolt-on solution to the lack of power their junior supercar suffered from. Their installation minimised the lag other turbo cars suffered from, and the aerodynamic and cooling changes to the car were well thought out. The result was a car that competed with Porsche and Ferrari, and often won in comparative tests. The Bond-effect helped this model too. This first, Giugiaro, model set the template for the later development of the car. Available initially as a luxury 'Essex' model, then the standard car, and finally the improved HC.

All models were fitted with 195/60VR15 front tyres, and 235/60VR15 rears. Availability of these sizes has been a problem for some time. Lotus have, in the past, confirmed that 225/60VR15 can be fitted as a rear alternative. As a result, there is a set of Vredestein tyres available in 195 front, and 225 rear. Please contact us to confirm current availability.