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Rover P5 3 litre 1959 to 1961

Initial saloon-only version of Rover's stylish large car. Produced from 1959 to 1961.

Originally fitted with either a 650-15 or 670-15 crossply tyre. If a radial tyre is required, then a 185R15 or 670R15 would be the best replacement size.

Stately and traditional, the first Rover P5 saloon was the 3-Litre of 1958 with a six-cylinder engine and drum brakes all round. Changes were slight for the next decade or so: the MkIA of 1961 brought quarterlights and stainless steel wheel trims then a year later a redesigned cylinder head was introduced along with lower suspension, and a P5 Coupé was introduced alongside the saloon.

In 1963 the Rover P5 MkIIB saloon got a revised rack to make the steering less heavy; within a year power steering and two-speed wipers had become standard on the P5 MkIIC. The final 3-Litre iteration was the MkIII of 1965 with redesigned seats and separate heating for the front and rear occupants.

Now by far the most collectible P5 is the 3.5-litre V8 that went on sale in 1967. Known as the P5B (for its Buick-designed V8 engine), the 3.5-litre model came in saloon and Coupé forms with an automatic transmission only. The last P5Bs were made in May 1975.

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