Motorcycle Standard Tyres

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In this section all the tyres are ‘wired on’ type - the standard method of securing a tyre to a rim after the 1930s. If you own an older bike, there’s a good chance you’ll be running a beaded-edge tyre. These can be found here.

A word about sizing

All the motorcycle tyres listed here are crossply construction and most use the standard imperial size form, for example 325-19. The ‘325’ means the tyre is in the region of 3.25 inches wide and the ‘19’ is the rim diameter it fits, also in inches.

Lower-profile (sidewall height) imperial motorcycle tyres are interchangeable with regular imperial sizes and these are shown in the chart below. In every case the ‘width’ of these lower-profile tyres is actually narrower than the numbers suggest, so cross reference using the chart or call us. You’ll be pleased to hear that the ‘19’ in ‘360-19’, for example, still relates to the rim diameter in inches.

Some of the tyres here adopt the modern ‘metric’ sizing that is used with radial descriptions (despite the tyres still being of crossply construction). So when you see a 90/90-19, for example, this means that the tyre is around 90mm wide has a 90 per cent profile (profile is the sidewall height expressed as a percentage of the width of the tyre). The ‘19’ in this example is the rim diameter the tyre fits in inches, not millimetres, of course.

Imperial, low-profile imperial and metric-marked tyre sizes are interchangeable as shown in the chart below (width only shown here for clarity):

Imperial Low-profile Imperial Metric
250 310 80/90
275 310 80/90
300 360 90/90
325 360 90/90
350 410 100/90
400 425/85 110/90
425 470 120/90
450 510 130/90
500 510 130/90