White Wall Tyres

Vintage Tyres stocks a wide range of whitewalls for classic cars and camper vans. Use the filters to narrow down on sizing and brand and browse away. Any questions – click on the chat icon or call us on 01590 612261.

Whitewalls are made by adding a strip of white rubber to the carcass of the tyre before it goes into the mould. When the tyre has been cured, the white rubber is buffed back to remove the inevitable black marks it picks up in the moulding process.

Whitewalls come in a variety of widths. Traditionally the wider whitewalls were found on crossply tyres with narrower bands more typical on radials. Now the Coker Star Series and the Kontio Whitepaw ranges feature whitewalls up to 83mm wide across a wide range of popular sizes.

A bit about the blue

Most whitewalls have a layer of blue paint on the white section to protect them during storage and fitting. Removing the blue paint from the whitewall is straightforward. Here’s a short film that shows how. The same method can be used to keep whitewalls white in use.