Price: £170.00 - £179.99, Brand: Avon Tyres, Tyre Size: 550-17, Width: 5 | AC 2 Litre 1947 to 1958

From 1947 to 1949 a 17-inch wheel was standard, fitted with a 525/550-17 crossply tyre. From 1950, all models were fitted with a 16-inch wheel and 650-16 crossply, with the option of a 670-16 tyre. A radial option for the latter would be the 670R16.

AC's immediate post-war model was a sporting saloon, using the company's own 2 litre engine. Launched in 1947, the range grew to include a 4-door, a short-lived, in-house convertible, and the open-topped tourer built by Buckland. Gradual development of the model included hydraulic brakes, and increases in power. Production ended in 1958.

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