AC 3000ME 1979 to 1985

Tyre choice is quite difficut for this car. A 195/60R14 was originally fitted, but this was quickly replaced with a 205/60R14. Latterly, some owners have recommended a staggered fit with wider tyres on the rear, but we haven't confirmed the suitability of this fitment in the rear arches. Currently these sizes are not available, so please contact us to discuss alternatives.

Very much a departure for AC, the 3000ME was a mid-engined sportscar with wedgy 1970s styling. It was based on the Diablo prototype shown in 1972, which AC purchased and developed. Fitted with a Ford V6, its performance was never up to the standards of the competition, and it took too long to develop, so it never sold in the large numbers AC were hoping for its cheaper model. Still popular today though.

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