Alfa Romeo Spider Series 4 1990 to 1993

Modernised Spider, produced from 1990 to 1993. Originally fitted with a 195/60HR15 radial tyre.

The Alfa Romeo Spider 105-Series arrived in 1966 to replace the 101-Series Giulietta that had been launched in 1962. The first 1.6-litre boat-tailed cars were known as the Duetto but when the 1750 engine took over in 1967 the car retrospectively became known as the Series 1. This gave way to the kamm-tailed Series 2 in 1970, still with the 1750 engine (actually a 1779cc unit); just a year later a 1962cc powerplant took over and this would be the staple engine until the Spider went out of production in 1993.

Along the way there was a significant facelift with the appearance of the Series 3 in 1983, but the changes were only skin deep. That was also true of the Series 4 which went on sale in 1990, recognisable by its colour-coded bumpers. These final cars were built with left-hand drive only by the factory, but some cars were converted to right-hand drive.

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