Alfasud 1972 to 1983

Alfa Romeo Alfasud 1972 to 1983

It's hard to over-emphasize how different the Alfasud was, both for Alfa and for the world of small cars. Alfa's first small FWD drive car, built with a new engine type, in a new factory, in a new region for the company, was a dynamic gem that rewrote the standard for the market sector. Great to drive, roomy and cheap. It wasn't well-built or properly rust-proofed though, so quite rare now.

Available as a 2-door, 4-door, estate and hatchback, with a selection of flat-4 engines, the range included practical and sporty versions, with several tyre options. Standard fitments are as follows:

1200 Berlina (1972 to 1974) - 145SR13 tyre

1200N (1975 to 1979) - 145SR13 standard tyre, and 165/70HR13 option

1.2 (1980 to 1983) - 145SR13 standard tyre, and 165/70HR13 option

1200ti (1973 to 1978) - 145SR13 standard tyre, and 165/70HR13 option from 1975 (became the standard tyre in 1978)

1300ti and 1350ti (1977 to 1980) - 165/70HR13 tyre standard fitment

1.5 Ti (1979 to 1983) - 165/70HR13 tyre standard fitment

1200 SE and L (1974 to 1977) - 145SR13 standard tyre, and 165/70HR13 option for the L model

1200 5m and Super (1978 to 1983) - 165/70HR13 tyre standard fitment

1.5 Green Cloverleaf (1983) 165/70HR13 tyre standard fitment, or 190/55VR340 metric tyre option on TRX wheel.

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