Alfa Romeo Giulia (all models) 1962 to 1978

Much like its Guilietta predecessor, the long-lived Giulia ('Type 105') mid-size platform spawned many ranges and models, and there was considerable overlap between it, the Giulietta and following models. Summarising all of them here would be impossible, and so the primary variants and appropriate tyre fitments are given below. There were specialist competition models such as the GTA and TZ/TZ2, please contact us for information on track tyres for these cars.

Giulia Spider and Sprint Speciale (1962 to 1965) - were actually the previous Giulietta models, with the new Giulia engine. As standard, these models were fitted with 155SR15 tyres. The later Duetto and 1750 Spiders are 'Type 105' models and have their own guide entries.

Giulia Saloons (1962 to 1977) - There were a multitude of different 1300 and 1600 Giulia saloons over the long life of the model, including; 1300, 1600Ti, Super, S, and Nuova. Until 1966 the standard fitment was a 155SR15 tyre. From 1967 onwards the saloons were fitted with 165SR14 radials.

Giulia Sprint GT and Veloce (1964 to 1967) - The coupe models of the 'Type 105' are iconic, and as popular now as when they were new. These first 1600cc models are nicknamed 'step front' and are the most prized. There was also a GTC convertible version from 1964 to 1966. As standard, these models were fitted with 155SR15 tyres. Some of the last cars were fitted with 14-inch wheels from the GTV model, so please see that model's entry if your car has these.

Giulia GT Junior (1966 to 1977) - was an entry-level version of the Sprint models, with a 1300cc engine and a cheaper interior. Over time, the Junior models got the same styling upgrades as the more upmarket GTV versions, and a 1600cc engine. Prior to 1968, the early cars had 155SR15 tyres, after that they had 165SR14, or 185/70HR14 on the optional wider wheel.

GTV 1750 & 2000 (1967 to 1977) - The Sprint coupe models were facelifted in 1967. Four headlight front-end with no step front, changed exterior trim and a new interior, and larger engines (the 2000 replaced the 1750 in 1971/72). Standard tyre fitment was 165SR14, or 185/70HR14 on the optional wider wheel.

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