Tyre Diameter: | Alfa Romeo RL 1922 to 1927

In the last century of these cars' lives there have been many changes to tyres, and they are unlikely to be on the wheels they began life. The standard fitment for all models was a 820x120 'Beaded Edge' tyre. These tyres fit a very specific wheel, and often require specialised knowledge to fit.

According to our records, some cars sold in the UK after the close of production had more modern wheels and tyres fitted; the tyres were a 31x5.25 (close equivalent to a more modern 525-21 crossply). Please check with us if you think your car has these, or any other non-standard fitments you would like confirmed.

The immediate post First World War period ws a strange one for Alfa Romeo. It had been taken over by Nicola Romeo during the wartime closure of the factory, and it was having problems developing new cars to replace its pre-war range, despite its success with racing its older models. The RL was initially reflective of these attempts to find a new direction. Its engine was an unused, and little developed racing unit, and its body and transmission were respectively, heavy and unsporting. The company quickly realised this, and developed a shorter, lighter Sports version. In its first year of production the RLN (Normale) and RLS (Sport) models sold more examples than the company had imagined possible. A further RLSS (Super Sport) model replaced the RLS in 1925 and the RLT (Turismo) joined the range, and Alfa used the RL as a basis for its successful sportscar campaigns. The RLTF (Targa Florio) was a particular success. Alfa's successful interwar period started here.

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