Profile: 50 | Alpine GTA V6 and Turbo 1984 to 1991

The V6 model (1984 to 1989) had a staggered set of metric tyres fitted as standard, 190/55VR365 front and 220/55VR365 rears, on special TR wheels. Some may have had different wheels fitted since in order to use more mainstream tyres. Please check in this case.

The Turbo had several fitments specified. From 1985 to 1987 it had 15-inch wheels, with a staggered fitment of 195/50VR15 front tyres, and 225/45VR15 rears. From 1988 to 1991 16-inch wheels were fitted, with 205/45ZR16 fronts and 245/45ZR16 rears. From 1988 to 1991there was also the option of fitting a 17-inch rear wheel with a 255/40ZR17 tyre.

Alpine moved the A310 into the 1980s with this model. The final vestiges of zany 1970s design were expunged with the GTA's styling revisions, which marked Alpine's (and Renault's) desire to emulate Porsche and move into a more prestige market. It was also the first Alpine to be sold officially in the UK. The V6 had gained capacity and power in the initial model, and this development was continued with the Turbo model released in 1985. It never managed to compete with Porsche, and sales were disappointing, which hides the fact it was actually a pretty good sportscar.

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