Price: £300.00 - £399.99, Profile: 70 | Aston Martin DBS V8 1969 to 1972

The DBS with the originally intended and long-lived Aston V8 engine. Produced from 1969 to 1972. Originally fitted with a GR70VR15 radial tyre, the modern equivalent size is 225/70VR15.

The DBS was longer and wider than the DB6, and the new car brought with it De Dion rear suspension. Buyers could choose between a standard 282bhp DBS or a Vantage-spec edition with 325bhp; the latter was a no-cost option. With its quad-headlamp nose the DBS was ultra-modern in its design and reasonably fast with a 148mph top speed.

While the DBS 6's performance was strong, the heavy car really needed a V8 and this arrived in 1969. The 5340cc fuel injected unit was more powerful (Aston didn't disclose figures) and much more torquey than the 'six'; it could now take the DBS to 162mph. The final quad-headlamp DBS was made in 1972, when it was replaced by a facelifted car.

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£408.00 £340.00