Price: £300.00 - £399.99 | Aston Martin V8 1972 to 1987

The DBS renamed and restyled into the definitive AM V8. Produced from 1972 to 1990 in a variety of versions. The standard model was originally fitted with a GR70VR15 radial tyre, and then with a modern equivalent size 225/70VR15 until 1987.

Picking up the baton where the DBS V8 left off, the Aston Martin V8 was a facelifted DBS with two headlamps instead of four and a slightly longer nose. The new car, known as the Series 2, was mechanically identical to the quad-headlamp Series 1. Within a year the Series 3 arrived with four twin-choke Webers in place of the previous fuel injection. From 1977 buyers could pay extra for a Stage 1 tuning kit or for more cash again they could buy an even more powerful V8 Vantage with its blanked-off grille, front air dam and rear spoiler.

By 1978 there was a convertible model known as the Volante; just a few weeks later the Series 4 went on sale with a bonnet bulge replacing the previous scoop, an integral boot lid spoiler, a new dash and revised trim. A high-compression '580' engine was installed from 1980, the Series 5 of 1986 marked a return to fuel injection to give 305bhp, then a few months later the Vantage Volante appeared. The Virage replaced the Aston Martin V8 in 1989.

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