Aston Martin DB4 1958 to 1963

From 1958 to 1962, the standard tyre for all the road models was a 600-16 crossply. Radial alternatives would be 600R16, or 185R16.

In 1962 there was the option of a 15-inch wheel, with a 670-15 tyre, and this became the standard fitment for the run-out cars in 1963 (mirroring what was being fitted to the new DB5). A radial alternative for this tyre would be a 185R15.

It's hard to underestimate just what a significant model the DB4 was for Aston. The previous DB models had established the company as a producer of well-engineered, handsome, fast cars with a healthy dose of usability for touring. However, the rapid pace of technological development in the automotive sector meant the DB2 platform no longer had room for development. So Aston Martin made a brave move, with a new engine, new chassis, and a body by Touring using the Superleggera technique. Fortunately, all these new elements worked well, and resulted in a car that was recognisably an Aston, was absolutely on trend, and had plenty of development potential. As well as a choice of power levels, there was also a convertible model, and the factory relentlessly updated and improved the DB4 over 5 different Series.

The factory also produced competition versions of the car, taking on Ferrari as a supplier of customer cars. The GT had a shortened wheelbase and a significantly more powerful engine (and faired in headlights, later seen on the DB5), and there was a Zagato version of the GT (more power, less weight). In some ways these were peak DB, as can be seen in the interest in continuation cars.

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