Lagonda Series 2, 3, & 4 1976 to 1990

Aston Martin Lagonda Series 2, 3, & 4 1976 to 1990

The second Aston Martin Lagonda (the first was a 'stretched' V8) saloon is probably the most successfully reappraised 1970s British car. Unlike the Allegro, the Lagonda has managed to escape the 'irredeemably weird' category, and has become fashionable. It's now possible to make the hi-tech interior work, and the cars are now valued enough to make restoration worthwhile. The styling is bold, has elements of Gerry Anderson in its futuristic ambition, and looks like nothing else. Both this styling, and the digital instrumentation were watered down in the Series 3 and 4 updates, in an effort to appeal to more customers. Underneath the styling is the accomplished engine and running gear from the AM V8.

Series 2 (1976 to 1978) - The standard tyre is a 225/70VR15

Series 2 & 3 (1979 to 1987) - 235/70VR15

Series 4 (1987 to 1990) - 255/60ZR16

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