Price: £200.00 - £299.99, Brand: Falken | Austin 1800 & 2200 1964 to 1975

1800 Mk1 1964 to 1968 - had a 13-inch wheel, fitted with a 175SR13 radial tyre.

1800 Mk2 1968 to 1975 - now fitted with a 14-inch wheel, and a 165SR14 tyre. The 'S' model had a wider wheel, and a 185/70HR14 tyre.

2200 Mk3 1972 to 1975 - fitted with a 14-inch wheel and 165SR14 tyre.

Austin's large family car was another badge-engineered model, shared with Morris, and available as a Wolseley too. Like the 1100/1300, this was an enlargement of the Mini packaging and platform model. So it's FWD, with a huge amount of interior space, and balanced on a Hydrolastic system. In theory this should have made it a large car success story, in the mould of the smaller cars. It didn't though, probably due to its unsatisfying styling, and rather huge and empty feeling interior. Nicknamed the Landcrab, it had some success as an endurance rally car.

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