Brand: Avon Tyres, Tyre Size: 670-16, Tyre Diameter: R12, Width: 6.70 | Austin A125 & A135 (Sheerline & Princess) 1947 to 1956

Top of the range, luxury saloon. The original fitment was a 650-16 crossply tyre, with 670-16 as an option (670R16 would be a radial alternative fitment for this). The Limousines were fitted with a larger 700-16 crossply tyre.

Austin's large saloon looks something of a throwback to an early age, with its separate headlights and distinct front wing line. However, it was very popular as a chauffeur-driven car, as it had dignity and size on its side. It was also reasonably priced, and simple to rebody for business purposes. The earliest models were the A110 and A120, but the designation changed after the first year, when the engines were enlarged. Also available as a Limousine.

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