A40 & A50 Cambridge 1954 to 1957

Austin A40 & A50 Cambridge 1954 to 1957

The Cambridge saw Austin firmly move away from the rounded family look of its postwar model ranges. Only a hint of the old wing shape was left in the swage lines down the sides of the car, which were now more fashionably squared off, like the nose. The grille was now horizontal, and the glass area was significantly larger, making the car feel more spacious. Under the skin, the seperate chassis was gone, as Austin embraced unitary construction. The engines were familiar though, with the A40 using the Somerset's 1200cc, and the A50 with the larger B-series and 50bhp! Sales were very strong, and there's a very attractive pickup version.

The standard tyre for both models was a 560-15 crossply. A radial alternative size is 155R15.

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