A70 Hereford 1950 to 1954

Austin A70 Hereford 1950 to 1954

The Hereford is another of the early 50s Austins that are quite hard to tell apart. Slightly rotund, and with a swooping front wing line. It looked like the A40 Somerset, only larger, and was the replacment for the Hampshire - which looked like a big Devon. This large saloon was reasonably successful, but better things were waiting in the wings, as Austin moved with the rapid pace of car development. Dynamically it was very similar to its predecessor, unexciting but solidly built and with a torquey engine.

The standard fitment for all models was a 550-16 crossply tyre (a radial equivalent would be 165R16). There were also optional tyre fitments of 575-16 and 600-16 offered when the car was new. It would be worth checking that these larger tyres are appropriate for your wheel width, room in the rear arch, and in the spare wheel compartment. Please contact us if unsure.

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