A90 Atlantic 1948 to 1952

Austin A90 Atlantic 1948 to 1952

Along with the Metropolitan, the Atlantic sits uncomfortably in the Austin family. Designed to sell in America, it was a racily styled convertible (initially) with a large (for the UK) engine. It didn't appeal to the Americans though, and hardly sold at all, and it hadn't been designed for the UK market, so it didn't sell well here either.

The standard fitment for all models was a 550-16 crossply tyre (a radial equivalent would be 165R16). There were also optional tyre fitments of 575-16 and 600-16 offered when the car was new. It would be worth checking that these larger tyres are appropriate for your wheel width, room in the rear arch, and in the spare wheel compartment. Please contact us if unsure.

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