Austin A99 & A110 Westminster 1959 to 1968

A99 & A110 (1959 to 1964) - Standard tyre was a 700-14 crossply. This is no longer available, and so a 185R14 radial could be fitted instead.
A110 Mk2 (1964 to 1968) - Standard tyre was a 750-13. Dunlop records suggest a 205SR13 radial was offered as an option on the later cars. Neither of these sizes is currently available, and so a 725R13 radial could be a suitable replacement.
The Pininfarina styling of the final Westminsters brought larger Austins into the 1960s in a more distinguished way than the smaller cars (which were generally more forward looking). Like the previous version, the image of luxury and class along with stately power was maintained with updates over time. The final upgrade in 1964 brought more power and gears, and smaller wheels!
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Vredestein Sprint Classic 185R14 90H
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