Brand: Michelin | Austin A30 1951 to 1956

Built from 1951 to 1956. The saloon was originally fitted with a 520-13 crossply tyre, a suitable modern radial replacement would be a 145SR13. The Countryman estate model was fitted with a 560-13 crossply, which can be replaced with a 155SR13 modern radial.

When the Austin A30 was launnced in 1951 it was revolutionary for a company that was strapped for cash and very conservative. This was Austin's first car with monocoque construction and it would survive until 1968 in one form or another.

Initially offered in four-door saloon form only, the A30 came with an 803cc A-Series engine rated at just 30bhp. Two years later a two-door saloon was introduced, the boot opening was enlarged for easier access and the fascia received a full-width parcel shelf. The A30 van that debuted in 1954 alongside the Countryman estate, which was effectively a van with windows.

A facelift in 1956 saw the Austin A35 replace the A30, bringing a larger rear window, separate indicators and a 948cc engine. There were still two- and four-door saloons and a Countryman, but in 1959 the final saloons were built with the last Countryman made in 1962; the same year that a 1098cc A35 van was introduced. This was supplemented by an 848cc option in 1964 with the A35 being killed off altogether in 1968.

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