Bentley S1, S2 & S3 1955 to 1965

Although some Continental models were equipped with a now obsolete 800-15, the majority of chassis left the factory with an 820-15 crossply tyre. The original fitment Avon Turbospeed is still available, and marked 'RR-B' to show it. There are also some whitewall options to suit the more outrageous coachbuilt cars. If you'd prefer to fit a radial, then either 820R15 or 235/75R15 is a suitable size, but make sure the load rating is sufficient, contact us for more information.

This entry in the guide covers a wide range of models, all of the S range in fact. These Bentleys were essentially badge-engineered Silver Clouds, and mechanically developed alongside their Rolls Royce cousins. From straight-six to V8, with automatic gearboxes, power-steering and more headlights, to modernised '60s looks, the Bentley sold well. The Continental and Flying Spur models are the cream of the range, often with coachbuilt bodies and adventurous styling.

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