Tyre Size: 195/70R14 | 633CSi

BMW 633CSi

BMW's 6 series coupe. Built from 1977 to 1980.

The original standard tyre was a 195/70VR14 radial.

The original BMW 6-Series coupé was the E24, introduced in 1976, built by Karmann and based on the floorpan of the contemporary 5-Series, the E12. Available only with a 3210cc straight-six engine, buyers could choose between carburetted 630 CS and fuel-injected 633 CSi models. By 1978 BMW had taken production in-house and introduced a new range-topper, the 3.5-litre 635 CSi; a year later the entry-level 2.8-litre 628 CSi went on sale.

There was a major improvement in 1982 when the second-generation 5-Series (E28) floorpan was adopted, bringing better handling thanks to new suspension. There was also a new interior and the 635 CSi got a revised engine that now displaced 3430cc instead of 3453cc.

The ultimate 6-Series appeared in 1985, the twin-cam M635 CSi, which looked much like any other 6-Series but was much more complex. Production continued until 1989, when the 6-Series was replaced by the more costly E31 8-Series.

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