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Citroen ID All models 1966 to 1970

Citroen's trend-setting saloon. Built from 1957 to 1975

The original standard tyre was a 180HR15 radial.

The Citroen DS saloon debuted in 1955 in DS19 form with a three-bearing 1911cc four-cylinder engine. Two years later the ID19 arrived; a DS19 without the hydraulic steering, brakes or gearbox, featuring a detuned engine, simplified braking and a less luxurious interior.

In 1958 the ID Break (estate) debuted, then in 1959 the seven-seater Safari arrived. From 1961 the Chapron-bodied ID19 and DS19 Cabriolet went on sale and the DS19 got a revised dashboard; the front end was restyled a year later then in 1964 the luxurious DS19 Pallas was introduced.

In 1965 two new engines debuted: 1985cc and 2175cc five-bearing units in the DS19a and ID19 Break, plus the DS21 and ID21 Break respectively. The ID19 continued for a further year with the 1911cc engine.

A major front-end restyle in 1967 brought twin headlamps, then in 1968 the DS20 superseded the DS19 and the ID20 appeared. The fuel-injected DS21 EFi arrived in 1969, then in 1972 the 2347cc DS23 superseded DS21, with optional fuel injection. In 1975 the last Citroen DS and ID models were built.

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