Citroen CX

The inheritor of the DS's mantle in 1974, the CX was a sophisticated, spaceship of a 70s car. Hydropneumatic control of the suspension, steering and brakes was allied to individualistic interiors and controls came in a streamlined body. The engines weren't very inspiring until the GTi and Turbo models perked things up in the 1980s.

Saloon models are generally fitted with 185HR14 front, and 175HR14 rears. The Estates have 185HR14 all round.

The UK market GTi had a 185VR14 from its launch in 1977, until it was replaced by 185VR15 tyres on 15-inch wheels. Metric wheels were later fitted to the GTi, with 190/65HR390 tyres, and 210/55VR390 tyres on the Turbo.

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