365BB & 512BB & 512BBi

Ferrari 365BB & 512BB & 512BBi

When Ferrari went mid-engined for its 12-cylinder supercar flagship, it broke with its tradition of gradual development. Had the Miura been a bit of a shock? It certainly took Ferrari a while to respond. The preceding Daytona was recognisably the end result of a considered process of improvement and growth from the 250 models, and possibly back to the 166. Firstly, the 365 Berlinetta Boxer dispensed with the V12 of its predecessors, and came with a flat-12 that echoed the company's F1 practice; secondly, the styling was much wedgier than previous Ferraris (Pininfarina's 'P6' concept was the inspiration), it looked like a racer rather than a bruiser.  The result was actually a smooth, stylish high-speed GT rather than a racer (its mechanical layout was optimised for packaging rather than ultimate cornering). the 512 had a bigger engine and emissions controls for the US market, and the BBi went to fuel injection.

The 365BB was originally fitted with 215/70VR15 tyres all round. By the time the 512 came out, the standard fit was a 215/70VR15 front tyre, and a 225/70VR15 rear tyre.

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