124 (All models) 1966 to 1985

Fiat 124 (All models) 1966 to 1985

The 124 was a watershed model for European small, family saloon cars. Featuring disc brakes on all wheels, sparkling engines (especially the twin-cam models), a roomy interior and inoffensive styling, as well as being fun to drive, the 124 sold hugely. It also lived on as the Lada, long after the Fiat was replaced, and was built in several other countries. As well as the saloon as estate, there was a sophisticated, and well received Coupe version, and the 124 Spider (styled by Pininfarina) convertible, which was still being built in the 80s.

Standard tyres for the saloon were a 155SR13, with the option of a 175/70HR13 (mostly fitted to Special and Special T models, on wider wheels). The Estate was fitted with a 560-13, 6-ply crossply, but later with a reinforced 155SR13 or 175/70SR13.

The Coupe and Spider came with a 165HR13 tyre as standard, or an optional 185/70HR13, usually on wider wheels.

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