130 Berlina and Coupe 1969 to 1977

Fiat 130 Berlina and Coupe 1969 to 1977

Very much a model of two halves, despite both being very accomplished executive cars. The original saloon model was a technically advanced large car, much more prestige than its badge would suggest, and was popular with the heads of the Italian economy. It was styled to be non-descript however. The coupe took the advanced and smooth underpinnings, and added an incredibly stylish, brutish and angular Pininfarina body. If a '70s assasin had a company car, this would be it. Decent handling, and enthusiastic V6 power.

The saloon was originally fitted with a 185HR14 tyre, then a 205/70VR14 from 1971 (when the engine was enlarged to 3.2 Litre). The coupe always had the 205/70VR14.

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