Dino Spider & Coupe

Fiat Dino Spider & Coupe

The Pininfarina styled Spider, and Bertone penned Coupe look completely different, but share the same platform and mechanicals. Born of an unusual synergy between Ferrari and their eventual Fiat overlords, the Fiat cars got the V6 from the Ferrari Dino (originally in 2.0-Litre aluminium form, and then as a 2.4 iron-block in 1969), and eventually, the Stratos. The cars were developed mechanically over their relatively short lives, remaining excellent, but strangely in the background at home and elsewhere. This is best illustrated by the Coupe used as transport by the Mafia character in 'The Italian Job.' It's sober style is completely overwhelmed by the Lamborghini, Astons, Jags, and even the Minis in the film.

The original 2-Litre (2000) models were fitted with 185HR14 tyres, the later 2.4-Litre (2400) models went to 1 205/70HR14 standard tyre.

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