Tyre Size: 590-13 | Ford Consul Zephyr & Zodiac MkI 1950 to 1956

Genius range of saloons based around a common platform, with a model for every social position! Tyre sizes are model dependent too, with the Consul getting a 590-13 crossply (radial equivalent would be a 165R13), and the Zephyr/Zodiac variants a 640-13 crossply (approximately a 175R13 in radial fitment, or 640R13). The estate cars were usually fitted with a 670-13 crossply, with equates with a radial 185R13, but it would be worth checking this wider tyre will fit inside the rear bodywork.

For Ford UK, the post-war range really began here, its previous models had owed more to the 1930s. Unitary construction, US 'shoe-box' styling, new engines, Macpherson strut suspension and modern brakes, it was kitchen-sink stuff. Alongside the all-new mechanicals, there was a cleverly stratified range, with the base Consul, mid-range Zephyr, and halo-car Zodiac having different body panels, engines, and trim/options. All this made the various models easy to tell apart, making the higer models far more aspirational. There are even convertible versions! And the 6-cylinder models were respected competition cars, with their engines even being used by AC in their sportscars.

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